Black River by Will Dean

Well I’ve just finished the latest instalment of Tuva Moodyson and the residents of Garvik. It was a welcome distraction from Storm Dennis!

This is the third in the series by the wonderfully talented Will Dean and I tried really hard to read it slowly as I just did not want it to end!

I don’t like putting spoilers in my reviews so will try not too. In Black River Tuva returns to Garvik as 2 women go missing, as usual the descriptions of the residents of this small Swedish Kommune are wonderfully intricate and Mr Dean brings them easily to life from the written page.

Tuva gets involved emotionally and physically in the search and in Black River we see her personality really start to shine thru the story. I liked the way this storyline made me feel almost claustrophobic in ToyTown which is how Tuva feels, also in writing so wonderfully I was transported to the Swedish Midsommer and all its Traditions…..and it’s bugs! (Made me shudder!)

The storyline is intricate and compelling, leading you down the wrong paths to its crecsendo of a finish…… and no I did not guess the perpetrator! (which means it’s an excellent book IMO)

If you haven’t read any of Wills books, then I suggest you start at the tremendous introduction to Tuva which is Dark Pines, then the equally unputdownable Red Snow and finally Black River.

I now have to decide what book to read next as I am going to miss Sweden and Tuva.

Brilliant series of books, thank you Will 😘