The Abandoned House by Karen Louise Hollis

Firstly thank you so much Karen for gifting me a lovely physical copy, I love the cover!

Although this is a short red, I really enjoyed it, spooky and pretty gripping, the tale of Rebecca who has just come out of an abusive marriage and her bestest buddy Max. To take her mind of her troubles Max takes her On an Urban Explore and that’s where it all starts for Rebecca!

Good storyline, likeable characters and a good ending.

4 star read ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The Abandoned House Karen Louise Hollis

Author: Judefire33 The Book Blog

I've been a bookworm since I was able to read my first Janet & John books at 4 years old! I have read so many books, that I wish I had kept a list since I was young. My words are my own, my opinions are my own! I love Thrillers and Crime Fiction and am happy to receive ARC's and will post reviews on The Storygraph, Amazon, Instagram, and Twitter Twitter - @judefire33 Instagram - @judefire33 The Storygraph - @judefire33 Goodreads - @judefire33

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