My #Review of #TheHouseboat by #DaneBahr published by @CounterpointLLC

Local outcast Rigby Sellers lives in squalor on a dilapidated houseboat moored on the Mississippi River. With only stolen manikins and the river to keep him company, Rigby begins to spiral from the bizarre to the threatening.

As a year of drought gives way to a season of squalls, a girl is found trembling on the side of the road, claiming her boyfriend was murdered. The nearby town of Oscar turns their suspicions toward Sellers. Town sheriff Amos Fielding knows this crime is more than he can handle alone. He calls on the regional marshall up in Minnesota, and detective Edward Ness arrives in Oscar to help him investigate the homicide and defuse the growing unrest. Ness, suffering his own demons, is determined to put his past behind him and solve the case.

But soon more bodies are found. As Ness and Fielding uncover disturbing facts about Sellers, and a great storm floods the Mississippi, threatening the town, Oscar is pushed to a breaking point even Ness may not be able to prevent.

I saw this and bought it The Houseboat on impulse as the cover is superb and it drew me in!

A fabulous creepy story from Iowa in the 1960’s involving a strange outsider and Detective Edward Ness from the big city of Minesotta ….. a cat and mouse game in the swamps and heat and rain of the little township of Oscar, involving death, sex, weirdness, personal tragedy and a mystery…I loved it. Dane Bahrain writes in an almost poetic style describing the setting for The Houseboat, I loved the literary feel to this creepy story.

A short novel but one that’s full of atmosphere. A 4 Star read ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️