Intruders by E.C Scullion

Disgraced security consultant Tom Holt accepts a job from a mysterious lawyer, on behalf of a client named Capricorn.

Holt’s team comprises Anil, a safe-cracking ex-con; Ray, a disgruntled logistics man, and Becca, a fiery red-headed thief with as much attitude as she has talent for picking pockets.

On arrival in the alluring Argentine city of Buenos Aires, Holt’s past swiftly catches up with him. As he begins to question the client’s motives, he finds there are darker, more sinister characters who show loyalty to his employer.

Who is Capricorn?

What’s inside the safe?

Tom Holt is about to discover how far he will go to expose the truth, even if it means risking everything, including his own life…

This is my first book by Emma ( E.C) Scullion, I was lucky enough to be gifted a copy of the second book in the series, Evaders by the excellent Red Door Books, but i wanted to read in order, so i was happy to purchase Intruders.

As you can see from the premise above, this is an International Thriller revolving around the character of Tom Holt, an ex Security Consultant with an addiction to Gambling…especially other peoples money! We follow Tom across the world in an effort to retrieve something from a safe in Argentina, with a group of mismatched ( at first ) cohorts.

Just when you think things will work out, you are hit by curveballs of plot twists and things start to get very sticky indeed to Messer’s Holt et al!

I loved the storyline, I thought it was intelligently written and the characters were so well described that I could almost visualize them in person, some of the scenes are so visceral and real you can feel yourself starting to sweat with anxiety and fear ( my types of book! ) The descriptions of the settings were also extremely detailed and it really gave me a taste of places I’ve never visited ( I even went to Google to look up photos ), when you understand that the Author has lived in some of these places you can see how well she has written the book, brilliantly.

The ending was in no way a dud, it was left with some tantalizing plot twists that made me start reading the follow up book Evaders straight away.

I would urge that anyone who likes thrillers with an International feel to read Intruders, a really gripping and fun read, it ran like a movie whilst i was reading it!

5 Star read for originality and adventure.

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