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Frozen Out is set to be a TV sensation. On a small ship off the coast of Greenland, eight contestants will push themselves to breaking point for a £100,000 prize.

The show is Tori Matsuka’s baby. After years working her way up the ladder, she’s finally launching her own production company with Frozen Out, and the late nights, the debts, the strain on her relationship will all be worthwhile. Everything is riding on the next twelve days. For camerawoman Dee, it’s a chance to start again after the tragedy that tanked her undercover journalism career. Not even Tori, her oldest friend, knows the full truth of why Dee left her previous job, and she plans to keep it that way.

But as errors and mishaps mount on set, tempers among the cast and crew start to fray. And when one of the contestants is found dead, only Dee realises the death wasn’t natural – and from what she’s seen from behind the camera, it won’t be the last. As the Arctic ice closes in around them and all chance of escape is cut off, it becomes clear that although the world outside wants them dead, it’s the secrets inside the ship that might cost them their lives.

Packed with suspense from the first page to the last, Freeze is a must-read for fans of Shiver, The Sanatorium and One By One. This thriller isn’t just chilling: it’s sub-zero.

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Firstly huge thanks to Robert Greer for very kindly sending me a copy of Freeze.

When I saw the cover of Freeze, I just knew this would be a book for me….isn’t it strange that! Well, I finally got around to reading Freeze at the weekend and here are my thoughts.

From the opening prologue, you can feel the tension in Kate Simants writing virtually crackle off the pages! We start with a scene in the past that involves a boy and a girl and an event that with every turn and decision the girl makes in the future, it ripples outwards and affects her and others’ lives.

This will be a hard review to write as I am loath to give any of the plots away, but the setting is a reality-type show – think I’m a celebrity get me out of here but set on a ship in the Arctic Circle so that the elements are already part of the dangers that contestants face without tasks thrown in as well!.

The setting is superb, its bleak, empty and its bloody cold (I know I’ve been inside the Artic Circle in Winter!), and the ship that they are on is immensely claustrophobic and with the tensions that arise from the cast of characters this just sizzles and as a reader, I was utterly gripped and almost couldn’t read fast enough!

The cast of characters is fantastic a great mixture, that as the novel goes on, opens up and reveals things central to the plot -some are lovely and I wanted to be their pals, some are horrid and I hated them! But I loved the way we get each chapter from the two main protagonists of Dee and Tori, the writing of Freeze is truly slick and I found it so easy to gorge myself on the chapters, and I read Freeze over 3 days.

The climax was thrilling and had my palms sweating and my internal voice shouting! Freeze is a really well-written thriller, I found it an easy and quick read, but the story is full and complex, I just gorged myself on it!

If you like locked-room-style thrillers, and books set in snowy ice-laden landscapes that will chill and thrill you with a splatter of creepiness thrown in then Freeze needs to be on your radar to purchase.

A superbly written chilling thriller, my rating 5 stars.

Kate Simants is a writer of psychological thrillers and crime fiction.
After a decade working in the UK television industry, specialising in investigative documentaries, police shows and undercover work, Kate relocated from London to Bristol to concentrate on writing. She holds an MA in Creative Writing from Brunel Univeristy (2007) and another in Crime Fiction from the University of East Anglia (2018), where she was the recipient of the UEA Literary Festival Scholarship. Her novel LOCK ME IN was shortlisted for the 2015 Crime Writers’ Association Debut Dagger, and is published by HarperCollins.
Kate won the 2019 Bath Novel Award with her second novel A RUINED GIRL, which is published by Viper/Serpent’s Tail in August 2020

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