Anthrax Island by D.L Marshall

WOW!!!! What an absolute better of a book Anthrax Island is by D.L Marshall.

From the very first few pages i just knew this would be a gripping and pretty heart in mouth, thrilling read, and every page increased the thrills, an almost claustrophobic setting that had me totally hooked and on edge!

I LOVE John Tyler ( Our Hero!), a complicated, broken, driven man who has the coolest car in fiction!

Brilliant book a total 5 ⭐ Star Read. I cannot wait for #Book2!!

I urge you to read buy it and read it!

D.L Marshall Official Webpage –

Author: Judefire33 The Book Blog

I've been a bookworm since I was able to read my first Janet & John books at 4 years old! I have read so many books, that I wish I had kept a list since I was young. My words are my own, my opinions are my own! I love Thrillers and Crime Fiction and am happy to receive ARC's and will post reviews on The Storygraph, Amazon, Instagram, and Twitter Twitter - @judefire33 Instagram - @judefire33 The Storygraph - @judefire33 Goodreads - @judefire33

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